Fish Fry of the Month Advertising Space




This listing is at the top of the viewing area on the page of the location that your restaurant is in. This ad gets the most views when people are searching for a fish fry in your area.

You must have a Lifetime listing to be able to advertise in the Friday Fish Fry Guide.

$250.00 per Monthly listing

You can become a Lifetime Member for $300 and includes a detailed directory listing in the top list of the area your restaurant is located. This listing stays on the website for the life of the website. You can sign up for a Free or Lifetime Listing Here

We use the First come, first serve Method. By using the first-come, first-serve method, you will choose a first, second, and third-month request in the registration form. Payment is submitted after filling out the form. You will then receive a response with the month that your listing will be in. Only 1 listing per form.