Muskego Fish Fry Guide

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Muskego Fish Fry Guide

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S80W18700 Apollo Drive Muskego 53150

S79W15851 Aud Mar Dr Muskego 53150

W172S7505 Lannon Dr Muskego 53150

AJ’s Bar & Grill

S90W13970 Boxhorn Dr Muskego 53150 | 414-427-1707


S67W14831 Janesville Rd. Muskego 53150​ | 414-422-1035

Coach’s On The Lake

W198 S10857 Racine Ave. Muskego 53150 | 262-679-6791

Danny Haskell’s

W171S7260 Lannon Dr Muskego 53150  262-679-9535

Mickey’s Family Grill

S75W17351 Janesville Rd. Muskego 53150 | 262-710-4061

Moose Lodge 1057

S86 W21693 Janesville Rd. Muskego 53150 | 262-662-2500

P&B Station

S78W16355 Woods Rd. Muskego 53150​ | 414-235-9234

Tail spin bar and grill

S64W18295 Martin Dr. Muskego 53150​ | 414-377-9491

The Gingerbread House

S63W16147 College Ave Muskego 53150 | 414-422-9601

The Gingerbread House

S63W16147 College Ave Muskego 53150 | 414-422-9601

The Local

W191 S6409 Hillendale Dr. Muskego 53150​​ | 262-682-4080

The Lodge Muskego

S74W17096 Janesville Rd. Muskego 53150​ | 414-235-8566

Tipsy Turtle Patio and Grill

S90 W13970 Boxhorn Dr. Muskego 53150 | 414-427-1727

TJ’s Roundabout

S102W19570 Kelsey Dr Muskego 53150 | 262-679-7461

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 Last week we used your guide to a VERY nice fish fry at a VERY nice place. We look forward to the next fish fry guide email! Half the fun is getting that email...the other half is deciding where we are going to go this week....then of course the experience of either trying a new place or revisiting one we've been to before. Again, thank you!