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Delafield Fish Fry Guide

Find Delafield Fish frys here! Have a Delafield fish fry not included on this list? Please contact us to get your Delafield Fish Fry listed! #Delafieldfishfry

Delafield Fish Fry Guide

Have a Delafield Fish Fry not included on this list? Join our Delafield Fish Fry Guide today!

621 Milwaukee St Delafield 53018

3832 Hillside Drive Delafield 53018

505 Wells Street Delafield 53018

Ella’s Public House

W325S1767 Mickle Rd Delafield 53018 | 262-201-4545


1704 Milwaukee St Delafield 53018 | 262-646-4696

Kurt’s Steakhouse

22 W Main St Delafield 53018 | 262-646-3333

Marty’s Pizza

2580 Sun Valley Dr Delafield 53018 | 262-646-3327