About The Friday Fish Fry Guide


The Friday Fish Fry Guide was created in 2010 by Tom Graber with the name Milwaukee Fish Fry List. The Milwaukee Fish Fry List was created because up until then there wasn’t a single resource to list all of the fish frys in the 6 counties are in Southeastern Wisconsin around the Milwaukee area. It brings the restaurant and bars that offer a Friday Fish fry together with the person searching the internet to find a fish fry.

You could and still can find a fish fry by the location (county, city), type of fish fry (bluegill, walleye, cod, perch, smelt, haddock, baked, etc), or AYCE (all-you-can-eat).

Best of all you can read a description of the fish fry, see the prices and even see pictures of the fish fry before you go!


The Friday Fish Fry Guide website was redesigned and relaunched under new ownership in February of 2021.

Tom Graber (previous owner) and Tracy Champagne ( new owner) met and became friends. Throughout the years, Tracy realized Tom’s dreams for the Friday Fish Fry Guide and wanted to keep that dream just as Tom had created.

The redesigned website navigates just as it did when it was created. The list of restaurants is easy to find on each location page and you are able to search by types of fish as well. The website is now optimized for mobile so you can easily get directions and view listings on your phone while you out. The listings in red have all the great fish fry images just like they did before, as well as specials, hours, locations, etc.

Tracy Champagne is an Entrepreneur whose passion is digital marketing. Her business Small Business Milwaukee is a digital marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions for small businesses of all sizes. The Friday Fish Fry Guide is a perfect fit that provides digital marketing for local restaurants and brings value to the community.

The Future of the Friday Fish Fry Guide

There is nothing more that Wisconsite’s love more than a great Fish Fry. We hope to keep that love alive for years to come. The Friday Fish Fry Guide is a community of people who have a passion for a great fish fry and the experience of enjoying it at their favorite restaurant. If you have that same passion as we do, we hope you will join us in all of up upcoming adventures! 


Here is what our community is saying… 

Community Links: The History of the Friday Fish Fry 

July 24, 2022: History of Wisconsin and Milwaukee Fish Fry

The Friday Fish Fry has been a tradition in Milwaukee and the rest of the state of Wisconsin for many years. Almost every bar, restaurant, tavern or pub has one. All kinds of fish are offered, including native ones such as perch, cod, bluegill and walleye, but others such as catfish, smelt, pollock, haddock and even grouper are now also on offer. You can get the fish fried, pan-fried, battered, dusted with flour or cornmeal, or baked, but no matter how you like it, but the all-you-can-eat favorite is. We love our fish. Read More Here

Dec 24, 2022: Is Friday Fish Fry A Wisconsin Thing?

Friday fish fry is indeed a Wisconsin thing. The tradition has been part of Wisconsin’s culture for generations and is a popular dining option in the state. Every Friday, restaurants and pubs in the area serve up fried fish and a variety of sides to customers, usually for an affordable all-you-can-eat price. In Milwaukee, it’s even more widespread, and some establishments have their own take on the fish fry, from sampler plates to tacos. This tradition has become part of what makes Wisconsin a great place to live, and it’s something that visitors often have on their list of things to experience while here. Read More Here