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Friday Fish Fry


Traditional Fish Fry $11.95


Old World Fried Chicken $11.95


Fish & Chicken Combo $11.95


Fish Fry Under 12 $7.95


All Of The Above Are All You Can Eat!



Lake Perch $14.95


Walleye Pike $14.95


Broiled Walleye Pike $14.95


Poormans Baked Cod $14.95


Full Rack Barbecue Ribs  $16.95


3/4 Rack Barbecue Ribs  $12.95


Jumbo Fried Shrimp (6)  $$16.95


All dinners include tartar sauce,

coleslaw, and choice of

potato pancakes,french fries,

baked potato

or German potato salad.




Schwabenhof fish fry and a beer


 Traditional Cod Fish Fry $11.95





Old World Fried Chicken $11.95