Friday Fish Fry






 Fried Cod

Lunch $8.95

Dinner $9.95






Baked Cod

Lunch $9.95

Dinner $10.95


3 pieces fried cod served with choice of potato, and

garlic or Italian bread.

In addition to our Friday Fish Fry,

we have these great items from the sea as well…

Lake Perch $12.95

Broiled Sicilian Cod $14.95

Cod broiled and topped with mushrooms, green peppers,

onions, tomato wedges, mozzarella cheese, &

topped with our homemade sauce.


Fantail Shrimp $11.95




Baked Lemon Pepper Cod $15.95


Seasoned with lemon pepper, baked to

perfection and served with drawn butter.




Smothered Cod $15.95


Cod smothered with mozzarella and American cheese,

mushrooms, broccoli and onions.



Stuffed Shrimp $11.95




Broiled Baby Cod $10.95




Breaded Cod Squares $10.95


Lightly breaded cod fried golden brown

served with tartar sauce and a lemon wedge.

Also Available: Buckets Of  Fun!





Beer Battered Cod Buckets

8 Piece

Cod Only  $14.95

Family Style  $16.95

12 Piece

Cod Only  $17.95

Family style  $19.95

16 Piece

Cod Only  $19.95

Family Style  $22.95

24 Piece

Cod Only  $25.95

Family Style  $27.95

Family Style Includes A Boat

Of French Fries And A Pint Of Coleslaw.

Chicken & Shrimp Buckets available too.


Open Monday-Thursday









Open At 6AM Monday-Friday For Breakfast

& 7AM Saturday & Sunday.

Breakfast starts at just $2.99

Lunch Starts at just $5.99