On The Clock


Friday Fish Fry







Fried Cod $9



All-You-Can-Eat Fried Cod $13.50










Baked Cod $9







Cajun Baked Cod $9








Gluten Free Cod Fish Fry $9


Gluten free cod made with brown rice flour.

Special Note-

This is for people who choose to be gluten free

but NOT for those that are gluten intolerant

or with Celiac’s disease as they are not fried in a

dedicated gluten free frier. We want to offer more

choices however to those that choose to go gluten free!








Perch Fish Fry $11.50








Combo Platter $13.50


Perch, Cod & Shrimp








Cod Sandwich $7.50








Cod Wrap $7.50






 Fried Shrimp $11.50






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Available Gluten Free




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