Joker’s Five

Friday Fish Fry

Fish Dinner $8.50

Eight Oz. Of Icelandic Haddock

Broiled Or Deep Fried, Breaded Or Beer Battered.

Bluegill Dinner $9.50

Eight Oz. lightly breaded bluegill fillets.

Catfish Dinner $8.75

Eight Oz. fillet dipped in a seasoned Margarita batter  & deep fried.

Italian Stuffed Shrimp Dinner $9.50

Eight butterfly shrimp stuffed with parmesan, asiago and mozzarella cheese and tomato rolled in in an Italian crumb breading with oregano, garlic & basil  and then deep fried.

Fish & Shrimp Combo $*.75

4 stuffed shrimp and a half order of haddock fish fry.

Smelt Dinner

1 pound deep fried smelt  $7.75

Half Order Deep Fried Smelt  $5.75

Served With Cole Slaw, Marbled Rye Bread,

& choice of french fries, chip fries or potato pancakes.