Erv’s Mug


Wednesday & Friday Fish Fry


Served All Day



Beer Battered Fish Fry

Our famous hand battered fish fried golden brown

and served in two sizes.


Regular  $12.99

Large  $14.99




Baked Cod $14.99

Three pieces of cod served with warm butter.







Half Baked & Half Battered $12.89


For those who can’t decide-

battered and baked.




Tilapia  $18.99


Lightly floured and pan seared…

Rich & delicious.







Lake Perch  $18.99

Baby fillets gently seasoned and pan seared.





Available Every Day On Menu:






Canadian Walleye  Pike $22.99


Lightly Floured,  Pan Fried & Served

With A Side Of Homemade

Roasted Red Pepper Aioli.