Between The Greens


Friday Fish Specials




Fish & Chips  $7.95

All-You-Can-Eat Pub style Fish

(Limit 12 Pieces)


Fish Fry To Go  $9.95

(4 Pieces Of Cod)


Pan Fried Lake Superior Whitefish  $10.95


Fish Taco  $7.95


Shrimp Dinner  $10.95


Popcorn Shrimp  $8


Walleye Pike $8.95


Fisherman’s Feast  $12.95

4 Pieces Pub Cod, 4 Large Shrimp & 1 Piece Walleye.



Served with your choice of baked potato,

skin on garlic mashed potato with gravy, 

potato pancakes, onion rings, waffle fries

or seasoned potato wedges and Blue Ribbon Coleslaw.