Bella Cibo

(Beautiful Food!)



Friday Fish Fry







Battered Cod $13.95










Baked Tilapia $15



Oven baked with butter, lemon,

and a pinch of garlic,

and your choice of side.















Bluegill $13.95





Walleye $14.95




Baked Cod $13.95








About Us


Beautiful Food with an Italian Flair

Jeff and Joanne Raffini are the owners of Bella Cibo.  Bella Cibo translates to beautiful food in Italian.

Jeff has an impressive family background in the restaurant industry. Jeff explains, “My grandfather, Dominic, and his brother, started Wells Brothers Tavern in 1929. My great Uncle Rocky started Denmark’s Tavern. My Uncle, Bill Wells, started the cozy lounge dining experience that later became Guido’s restaurants in Wisconsin and Florida. I worked in all of them one time or another in my youth.” Jeff’s business experience along with Joanne’s skills in design and hospitality combined with the culinary skills of Chef Lisa provide for a recipe of success for Bella Cibo.

Jeff states, “Our thought process was to provide a non pretentious, cozy restaurant with great food and Italian flair to the north side of Racine.” Bella Cibo offers a hearty breakfast menu, a variety of sandwiches for lunch, and wide array of Italian dinner entrees. Since opening in July 2013, the Bella Cibo menu continues to evolve and the consistent goals of providing outstanding food and service in a safe, clean, and cute restaurant remain just as strong as ever. Jeff adds, “Our dishes are made from scratch and most of our recipes have been handed down generations including our famous lasagna.”

Bella Cibo is a unique dining establishment that functions as a hybrid opportunity by offering white linens and then providing a more casual, relaxing dining experience during the week. While the menu may shift from the weekdays to weekends, Jeff and Joanne take pride that the service at the restaurant is always stellar for every meal including breakfast, lunch, and dinner.