Friday Fish Fry




Now Serving Gluten Free Fish Fry Option



Icelandic Cod Fish Fry  $12.50



Served Family Style with French fries

or boiled red potatoes and cole slaw.




Fish Fry Plate $10.50



Served with French fries or


boiled red potatoes and cole slaw.










Lake Perch  $13.75








Broiled Cod $12.95







Combination Plate $14.50









Other Selections-


Available 6 Days A Week








Pan Fried Walleye $14.95








South African Lobster Tails


$46.00 or Split $27.00


Tails Highest quality cold water lobster

tails cooked to juicy perfection,

served with drawn butter (2) 6 oz.





Jumbo Shrimp $21.95 

Shrimp lightly breaded and

deep fried or grilled shrimp





Broiled Rainbow Trout $20.95

From icy Wisconsin water




Deep Sea Scallops $20.95

Lightly breaded sea scallops

deep fried to a golden brown.





Broiled Cod Almondine $17.95

Lightly seasoned broiled Icelandic Cod.






 Orange Roughy $22.95

Broiled deep-water fish.





Seafood Platter $35.00


South African Lobster Tail, grilled shrimp,

fried shrimp, scallops and Icelandic cod

are the seafood delicacies

served together with drawn butter.





Fresh Whitefish $23.95

Delicate fillet baked to perfection.        




Baked Fresh Salmon $23.95

Delicate fillet served on a bed of

angel hair pasta with a creamy dill sauce.  




Selections include soup or juice, salad

and your choice of potato or pasta.