Sales Page Info

Every restaurant, bar, pub or tavern that has a Friday Fish Fry gets a free listing that includes your name, address and phone number.

In addition, you have the option of being able to promote your fish fry with your own salespage.  On this page you can list the details of your fish fry including descriptions, prices and photos.  This is what the user is looking forThey want a reason to try your fish fry.  Give it to them!  Photos sell and having the ability to add these details will give people a reason to come try your fish fry.

In addition, while you have the reader’s attention, tell him more about your bar or restaurant and other specials you have, it is YOUR sales page.

There may be a trial page that was created for you.  This is to give the user the information they came to the website for, details about everyone’s fish fry.  This page is only a temporary  example for you.  You can change and correct the page any way you wish.

Call Tom at 262-782-9622 to get more details and to see what else can be added to your

page to help make the user of the site come to you for their next fish fry (and other meals too).